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5 Fantasy Football RBs to Avoid in 2022 | Do Not Draft
April 19, 2022
Fantasy Football Sleepers 2022
5 Fantasy Football RB Sleepers 2022 | Fantasy Football Sleepers
April 21, 2022

5 Fantasy Football WR Sleepers 2022 | Late Round Draft Sleepers

Fantasy Football Sleepers 2022
  • Michael Pittman
  • Christian Kirk
  • Devonta Smith
  • Allen Lazard
  • Jerry Jeudy

So we’re going to dive into five wide receiver sleepers here for you. Am I going to be drafting these guys early? No. Am I putting faith in these guys that they’re going to be the wide receiver one on my fantasy team, my precious fantasy team? Absolutely not. But what you’re going to do if you follow the 16-round draft solution is you’re going to be able to stack enough wide receivers so that you fill your voids properly and optimize your wide receiver position. So if you have two wide receivers, three wide receivers that you’re starting, I’m going to make sure that they’re optimal. Basically stacking enough depth, enough good names, enough good talent volume-wise that you’re going to be set at the wide receiver position without having to invest that early draft capital on a wide receiver that I think is going to potentially bust, guys like Devante Adams on a new team.

I want to emphasize, that I’m doing five wide receiver sleepers. We’re just having fun here and these names I think are totally viable, but I really want you guys to focus on waiting on wide receiver and getting that value later, okay? And focus on aiming high on the depth chart at wide receiver. And that’s what we’re going to talk about here. And there’s a ton of wide receiver depth this year. So I’m going to dive into this. Before we do guys, if you go to the channel, subscribe, thumbs up, leave a comment below. Let me know which wide receiver later round guy you like as a steal this year. I got my five here and there’s way more.

1. Michael Pittman Michael Pittman

All right. Let’s dive into this guys. The first wide receiver sleeper that I like, great value is Michael Pittman, Jr. Why do I like Michael Pittman Jr.? Well, the thing I like about Michael Pittman Jr. first and foremost is he’s got the youth. He’s going into his third season. He’s got the youth. He was a second-round pick at a 2020 draft, 34th overall. Indianapolis Colts do not have an ace wide receiver at the time of this recording. Now things may change after the NFL draft. A lot of my ranking, 16 round drafts, which everything I do, everything I draft is based on the results after the NFL draft, because that’s where the rookies come in, the depth charts layout, and I’m able to determine who I’m going to draft, who I’m not. I love Ja’Marr Chase, loved his landing spot last year with Burrow, right? Drafted him, got him for value as a wide receiver sleeper last year, right?

Najee Harris. He was in my top five amongst running backs. He was outside of the top 10 on the consensus rankings. Why? Because I loved the opportunity. Loved the volume, loved the fact that he was up for 90 plus snap counts. I saw that after the NFL draft. As of the time of this recording, this is a pre-NFL draft, but I still think Michael Pittman is going to be great value this year, why? Youth, number one, number two last year had a decent season. Didn’t have a good quarterback. Still managed to get 88 receptions on 129 targets, over 1,000 yards receiving in just his second year. He had 1,082 receiving yards and six receiving touchdowns.

Now he gets an upgrade at quarterback, Matt Ryan. Matt Ryan guys, if you guys don’t remember is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. You’re saying, well, Joe, how is that even possible, he’s not. In fantasy, he was one of the top quarterbacks a couple of years ago. He was, at passing okay? He throws a lot. There’s a lot of volume coming out of Matt Ryan. He’s a pocket passer.

The problem with Matt Ryan is, well, Joe, how is he one of the best quarterbacks in the league? The guy’s good, he had one bad year. He was under pressure. He was one of the top quarterbacks that got hit. And he’s a guy that needs time in the pocket to throw the ball. He’s not a very agile quarterback that’s going to run and scramble, right? He needs time. He’s going to get that time with the Colts. He’s going to have that O-line protecting him, right? So Matt Ryan’s going to have more time to do what he does his best and that throws the ball. And again, if you look at Matt Ryan, go back a couple of years in his history, he throws more in regards to passing attempts, passing yards more than anybody.

Well, you’re saying, Joe, I don’t think he’s got good receivers. Michael Pittman might see a top corner. I don’t know if he’s ready to handle top corner. We’re going to have to see how the NFL draft lays out. But understand guys, the defense had to key in on Jonathan Taylor as well, running the ball. He’s a big threat and they’ve got Michael Pittman on the outside. They’re going to have other targets as well. And then we’re going to see what the NFL draft does, but I’m imagining they’re going to have some other weapons they’re going to add to the air assault there with the Colts. But I see Michael Pittman being the one as of right now. The volume’s going to go his way, the targets are going to go his way, the receptions are going to go his way, and the touchdowns are going to go his way.

And here’s the thing. He’s sitting 30th on the consensus on the sheep rankings right now, which means when you’re in your draft, he’s going to be of immense value. You’re going to get him after the fifth round, fifth, sixth round, he’s going to be an absolute steal, maybe seventh round. He might even fall eighth, or ninth round, depending on how many people are in your league. Right? So Michael Pittman’s an absolute sleeper this year. A lot of people are now talking about him. I was talking about him last year. I saw the opportunity last year. As a sleeper this year, he looks a little better with Matt Ryan there under center.

2. Christian Kirk

Fantasy Football Sleepers 2022

Kirk on the Jags could get a lot of volume

Number two here, now this is not a popular opinion. And this kind of shocked me putting this on the list. I kind of shocked myself with this pick, right? Why would I put this guy on here? Well, I want to find out what happens with Christian Kirk as a sleeper. The guy is currently sitting 43rd on the consensus rankings and understand guys, the Jacksonville Jaguars invested heavily in him. When I say heavily, I’m talking heavily. I don’t even know what this guy is getting paid a year. I don’t have his contract up anymore. Let me pull this up here, $84 million from Jacksonville Jaguars. A deal up to $84 million. It’s a four-year deal. So you’re looking at a guy who’s had years to wow us. We’re not wowed. He’s 5’11”, 200 pounds. He’s a second-round pick in 2018 going into his fifth season. Christian Kirk last year, didn’t do too well, with 77 receptions, 103 targets, 982 yards, and five touchdowns. I guess based on targets that are not bad. They’ve got a young team the Jacksonville Jaguars do. All right? So they invested a lot in Christian Kirk. What does that mean? It means that there’s an opportunity to invest that much, that he’s going to be on the field a lot. There’s an opportunity he’s going to get a lot of volume.

And now we’ve got the young Trevor Lawrence who last year guys, didn’t really do much. And at the end of the day, Trevor Lawrence was what, the first overall pick, right? Was he the first overall pick? I think he was. First overall pick, first pick round one in 2021 draft. He was a highly sought out, 6’6″, 220lb young quarterback. Didn’t really get it going in his first year. What’d he do? He had 602 passing tips. So he throws the ball a lot, 12 touchdowns, and 17 interceptions didn’t look good. I can only imagine that this year they’re going to improve the O-line. They’re going to make some improvements. They’re going to do everything they can to help Trevor Lawrence. And obviously, Etienne was there last year and he didn’t really get going. He got hurt. So he is going to be a good outlet in the backfield for Trevor Lawrence as well.

So I’m looking here, guys. I’m looking at Christian Kirk as a guy who is literally going to be a free grab in fantasy drafts. And I’m not saying he’s going to be your wide receiver one. I’m saying you can get this guy as your wide receiver four, right? Who theoretically could possibly be the wide receiver on his team. Based on what he’s paid there’s obviously something that Jacksonville Jaguars are seeing with him. They obviously know that Trevor Lawrence needs help. He needs more time to throw the ball. They might need to improve that O-line. They’re going to build around Lawrence. They’re going to build around this offense. They’re going to build around Christian Kirk, now that they paid him this much. So am I excited about Kirk? Am I like giddy about Christian Kirk? Am I like, yes, I have to have him on my roster? No, but as a sleeper, as a guy, you can get super late as a guy that could pop off. Why not?

And understand, this the guy’s gotten a lot of hate including from myself because I think that was a huge waste of money. But he could prove the haters wrong, including myself. So if I’m a hater and he could prove me wrong, why not put a little bit of money on him? Why not stash him on my roster? I mean, he just had under a 1,000-yard receiving season last year, right? And he didn’t get the volume that he deserved, 103 targets is really not much. So Christian Kirk is a guy that, hey, he’s there in the eighth, ninth, 10th round and I need to load up on wide receivers and stack wide receivers to optimize my wide receiver position, making sure I have wide receiver one’s in all my roster spots and I didn’t invest early. Remember I didn’t invest early, I went robust RB. Why not Christian Kirk at the right average draft position. Something to think about. There’s a sleeper for you.

3. Devonta Smith

Davonte Smith

Smith should boom in 2022

The third guy here, I absolutely love this guy. I think the sky’s the limit with him if the volume’s there, is Devonta Smith. Obviously, the volume wasn’t there last year, with 104 targets, 64 receptions, and five touchdowns. But we’re talking youth, the guy’s going into his second year. He’s currently sitting 27th amongst wide receivers. And every person I’m talking to here, Pittman’s sitting 30th in the rankings, Christian Kirk sitting 43rd in the rankings, Devonta Smith sitting 27th in the rankings. Guys these are, at the time of this recording, wide receiver one’s on their team with relatively good quarterbacks throwing to them, right? These guys have Jalen Hurts, that rapport is going to happen here with Devonta Smith, Christian Kirk with Trevor Lawrence, right?

He is a top prospect. He’s a good quarterback, which just hasn’t proven it in the NFL. Michael Pittman is a proven quarterback throwing with Matt Ryan. So going back to Devonta Smith’s first-round pick in 2021, great talent, great youth, great ability. And when we look at wide receivers aside from the anomalies like Ja’Marr Chase last year, phenomenal, wide receivers typically take a couple of years to get into the groove. So you’re looking at a guy like Devonta Smith, young, talented, and the value you’re going to get him in drafts this year as a wide receiver one on your team, knowing that rapport is only going to get better with him and Hurts, it’s a no brainer to me. I’m all over this pick this year. Devonta Smith is an absolute sleeper. Love the talent, love the youth. And I’m expecting a lot more volume going his way this year as well. Devonta Smith, love him, fantasy football wide receiver sleeper must target.

4. Allen Lazard

Fantasy Football Sleepers 2022

Lazard will benefit with Adams being gone.

The next two guys, exciting as well.  A few more question marks with these guys, but the next guy is Allen Lazard. Allen Lazard, I mean years to wow us. We’re not wowed. Obviously, we know Davante Adams is gone, but there is a guy here that’s got that rapport with Aaron Rogers. Aaron Rogers being paid big dollars this year obviously got to do something. Allen Lazard’s got that rapport. Mind you, his targets weren’t there last year because Davante Adams hoarded away 169 targets, but those targets are now freed up.

Obviously, we know the Packers are going to look at an ace wide receiver coming out of the draft, but if you are looking at a wide receiver one, possibly a wide receiver two on the Packer’s offense, you got to take a look and consider Allen Lazard, who is literally sitting 55th on the consensus rankings, which means he’s going to be a steal. Again years to wow us, we’re not wowed. Last year 40 receptions on 60 targets for 513 yards and eight touchdowns. So we know that he’s going to be a touchdown target and a vulture. And Adams is gone. And I want to emphasize this again, Davante Adams is not on the Packers this year, guys. Frees up a lot of targets and Aaron Rogers, if you know, is very picky with his receivers and likes guys that he’s got that rapport with. And I think Allen Lazard could be a major factor this year.

At the end of the day, he’s still young, right? He’s what? He’s going into his fourth, and fifth season. So he’s young. He was drafted in the 2018 draft, 6’5″, 227, big guy. He’s 26 years old, still young. So when you look at Lazard, is he going to be my wide receiver one? No. Is he going to be wide receiver two on my roster? No. Is he going to be my wide receiver three, maybe. Maybe my wide receiver, four, five, maybe my wide receiver six if he falls. A wide receiver, five, six on my roster who theoretically could be a wide receiver one on his team with a great quarterback throwing to him, I’m all over this. This is a sleeper guy, Davante Adams again, before I end this discussion about Allen Lazard, Davante Adams is not on the team anymore. That’s 169 freed-up targets. Think about it. All right, Allen Lazard, big-time sleeper.

5. Jerry Jeudy

Jerry Jeudy

Jeudy and Russell Wilson’s connection should be solid in 2022

And the last guy here, I’m a big Russell Wilson fan. I know he had a bit of a down here last year, but it’s going to be between Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy. I like Jerry Jeudy a little bit more. He reminds me more of a Tyler Lockett whereas Sutton reminds me more of a big body wide receiver in DK Metcalf and we know Russell Wilson likes his Lockett’s.

Jerry Jeudy young, never really got it going. Never really got it going. But this guy is an ultra-elite talent.  So elite so much so that the scouts scouted him and they drafted him with the 15th overall pick in the 2020 draft in the first round. So you’re looking at [inaudible 00:13:50]. You’re looking at Jerry Jeudy, never really had a good quarterback throwing to him. Never really got into his groove, played 10 games last year. Obviously didn’t play the full season. Didn’t get any touchdowns, has three touchdowns in two years, nothing to get excited about, but I think you’re still sleeping on him. I think he’s that diamond in the rough. I think he’s really special. I think he’s a great route runner. I think his hands are really good. I think the talent is there. He’s got a ton of upside and he’s going to be of immense value in drafts, okay? He’s going to be sitting past 35th on the consensus ranking. He is well high in the rankings. Or if you want to say low on the rankings, you can get this guy for immense value in drafts very early at the time of this recording to see where he falls, but I see him falling after the fifth round.

You got to understand guys, Russell Wilson’s a veteran quarterback who is reigniting his career in a new home. I’m excited about this. I cannot express to you the ceiling and the upside of Jerry Jeudy and the upside that could potentially happen, the boom potential that could happen towards Jerry Jeudy. And if you don’t believe me, go take a look at Tyler Lockett and the amount of volume he got with the Seattle Seahawks in his prime time, in the years that he did really well with Russell Wilson. And you’re going to see that Russell Wilson is a guy that can produce top fantasy wide receivers.

Tyler Lockett last year particularly had 107 targets, 73 receptions, and eight touchdowns receiving. Now I don’t think Russell Wilson played the entire season. Russell Wilson had a bit of a down year last year, but I could tell, he played 14 games, but I could tell he was kind of not feeling, the same with Seattle and he needed that change. Sometimes you need that change to get out of that comfort zone so he could do better somewhere else. Russell Wilson, Jerry Jeudy, look to hear that name a lot if Jerry Jeudy stays healthy and I definitely see Cortland Sutton being an amazing factor as well. So out of those two, again, I’m still torn. I got to see what happens after the NFL draft. Got to feel it out, got to see how the training goes. I think Jeudy based on volume PPR numbers, it’s going to lean a little more towards Jeudy, but we’re going to have to see how that goes.

All right guys, that’s it. Those are some five wide receiver sleepers for you. Makes sure you guys take some notes, leave it below. Let me know who you guys think is a sleeper for you and get that 16-round draft. So if this is making sense to you guys, it’s outside of the box thinking we don’t just go off rankings. If you draft off rankings, you’re going to lose. If you want that optimal roster to be light years ahead of the competition, light years ahead of them get the 16-round draft solution. So all right guys, subscribe. I’m out.


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